I have helped many small businesses grow online.

Most of my customers begin working with me to create a simple, low cost website as their first step onto the web.
Something that marks their presence online, enables them to share information with site visitors about what they do, where they are located, how to contact them and so on.

A number of customers are happy to leave it at that, to use their website purely as an electronic “contact” brochure to support their off-line business activities. Becoming a digital business isn’t for everyone.

However, many customers return to me to help them move to the next stages of digital growth. That includes gaining a better understanding of their site visitors, optimising their site for natural search, providing richer website content and features, adding e-commerce tools and building mobile applications.

Here are some of the customers I have helped grow through the use of digital technology over the years.

Step What we DoWho we have Helped
Information / Marketing / Brand Awareness / Lead Generation / eCommerce sitesSite builds / refreshes, hosting and domains set up, content creation / loading, training, user guidesSee examples of websites we have built on our Customers page
Understanding site visitors, activity and use of contentGoogle Analytics installation and set up, spam filtering, reporting, analysis, walkthrough of results, recommending areas to focus on to further improve site and build visitor / customer growth and loyaltyWe helped customers including 2PPlumbers and Ayla Constructions recognise the growth in people viewing their desktop sites on mobile devices, and as a result built mobile sites for them, with mobile specific features such as clicktocall. We also helped customers such as Villiers Australia and SC Platters find out the most popular pages and products on their site, so that additional content and features could be added to them to aid sales conversion
Improving sites to meet the needs of visitors without affecting business processesAdding new features such as flipbooks, newsletters, product image zooming, multi-language support, adding new / richer content, addressing seo issues, making sites more responsive, recommending and making usability improvements.Villiers Australia, iDesign2Build, Maleny Dairies, PumpedonProperty, VisitezLondresentaxi, Rhinomaxcampers, Coast Wealth Financial, Walking Women, DrewLawTherapy
Adding services and tools to sites for customers, which not only drive sales and build customer loyalty, but also lead to business efficiencies (faster service, lower costs, etc.)Adding online stores (with paypal and credit card payment capability) to basic sites, adding Store Locators, Booking tools, etc. Providing training to employees in loading content and managing orders.Maleny Dairies, VisitezLondonentaxi, Aataren Villas, London for Free, Villiers Australia
Becoming a digital business by using mobile, web and internet technology to replace offline processes and systemsRequirements gathering, system evaluation, project management, solution design and implementation, testing, training, user guides, support.Non-profit 1: Project managing and implementing an online Learning Management System for employees, providing training and user guides. Building company: Project managing, designing and building an Insurance Compliance application (hosted in the Cloud). Non-profit 2: Requirements gathering, system selection and implementation of Cloud based solution for e-library.