Friendly, informal and at your pace.

I can work with you whenever you want. Week days, weekends, evenings. Want a call at 7pm to discuss your site? no problem.

My work begins with a short conversation with you to really understand your business and needs and to confirm I am able to help you.

I then provide you with a verbal quote, based on the number of hours I think it will take to build your site or deliver other digital services for you.

If the work involves creating a website, I help you select a design and gather the things I will need from you in order to build it – including your logo, list of pages, contact details, business address, phone number, etc.

That normally gives me enough to build the first version of your website, which I send to you to review. I like to follow up with another discussion so I can make any changes you require “on the spot”.

I allow unlimited changes and updates to your site until you are satisfied with it – all part of the hourly charge.

I don’t set deadlines for any of the work to be completed – I understand the pressures on small businesses and am happy to work at your pace.

And I don’t require any up front payment – payment is only required once the work is complete and you are happy with it! 

Finally, all invoices include a breakdown of the hours spent, for complete transparency.