As a Funnelweb customer, you have same day support and are rewarded for your loyalty

You can call Sue directly on 0400 497 080. I guarantee same day responses.

As a Funnelweb customer, you can look forward to:

  • a fixed hourly rate of AUS $70 for any work I do for you
  • same day responses to your enquiries
  • written estimates and proposed delivery dates, prior to work starting
  • flexibility around completion – I am happy to work to your deadlines
  • the freedom to define how you want your site or mobile app to look, and to change your mind – about your design, content, pages, etc – as often as you like
  • regular budget and timeline updates as work progresses
  • total control over the amount you spend  – I provide you with regular updates on time spent, and you can vary the work requested at any time
  • payment on completion – no upfront payment required


As a Funnelweb customer, you won’t be charged for:

  • website support and advice
  • website maintenance, fixes and quick changes
  • general digital support and advice
  • quarterly newsletters with information about new services and free things we’ve done for your website (upgrades, etc.)

We take the time to make sure you are happy with us and our work

  • we will attempt to resolve digital issues for you, even if they are not our responsibility to do so
  • peace of mind – just send those technical emails you receive, demanding payment for domain renewals, hosting, marketing and so on to us and we will advise you what to do with them
  • we are happy to meet with you where and when you wish (on the Sunshine Coast only) – to fit in with your schedule