Your small business website is an essential marketing and business tool.

I build affordable websites that meet your business needs. Here are some examples.

Features of the small business websites I build

WordPress – Based

Most of the small business websites I build and support use the WordPress platform.

WordPress is very popular and there is plenty of support for it (training videos, user guides and so on). Its also very easy to add new pages, features and tools.

When I build your site using WordPress, I avoid making any changes that would make it hard to add new features or upgrade it later on  – so its built to last.

One of the first things I do with you is to create a design you are happy with.

I have worked with WordPress since 2005 as I love using it, and I think you will too!

SEO Ready

I believe that your website should be “SEO ready” when it is launched and the things I do have been proven to give you an advantage over the many websites that do no SEO at all.

Google Analytics

I create a free google analytics account for you and set your website up so that information such as the number of visitors, where they came from, how they found it and the pages they looked at can be compared over time.

I also set up a mini analytics summary on your WordPress dashboard, so that when you log in to WordPress after your website is launched, you can see some statistics about visits immediately.

Content and Features

The price you pay for your website depends on how much content you have, how much of the content loading you will do yourself and how many pages, tools and so on you want.

I can either load your content for you or show you how to do it. And I can add a range of functions, tools and features for your site’s users, including online shops, store locators, price calculators, newsletters and more.

12 months support 

All websites I build include 12 months support.

Support covers:

  • changes to content and images (up to 30 minutes of changes every 3 months)
  • technical fixes (no limit)

Technical Features

I do a number of “technical” checks and set up backend tools to ensure your website continues to support your business. These are things that you won’t notice until something goes wrong (!) but they help keep your site secure, stable and working.


I check your website works and displays correctly on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. I also check it on Chrome and Edge browsers.


If you are replacing an existing website, you may already have lots of visitors going to it. I set up redirects on your new site to point your visitors from your old site to the relevant pages on it. Not only does this prevent you from losing customers but it is also important for SEO.

Broken Links

If you have lots of external links on your website, over time, some of those links might change. I set up a tool to monitor broken links on your site so I can fix them for you.

Contact Forms 

The contact forms I build also keep details of every completed form sent through your site, just in case you don’t receive them via email.

Site Performance

I set up your site with google search console, test your site’s page speed and install tools on your site to ensure it loads as fast as possible. I also advise you if there are issues with your hosting that may need to be addressed to further improve your site speed.


I make your site as secure as it can be by installing tools to fix areas of vulnerability without slowing your site down or making it difficult for you to access.

If your site requires an SSL certificate (for example, if you are selling through it), I can set that up for you.


If you allow users to post comments, I install and set up a tool to filter and remove spam.