Do you know how well your website is working for your business?

I can do a short review of your website and its content and tell you

Website reviews

Most small businesses have big expectations from their websites. They expect their websites to generate leads and sales for them, to promote their products and services, to help reduce internal costs and to increase awareness of their brand.

All those expectations can normally be easily met by a website, though its sometimes difficult to measure how well they do.

However, it is possible to measure and analyse the number of visitors to a website, how they found the site, what they are doing when visiting (what they are looking for) and so on. By measuring this statistical information over time, interesting trends such as the rate of growth in site popularity, the most popular pages visited, the channels driving traffic to the site and the types of users can be determined.

And armed with that information, decisions can be made on ways to drive more benefits from a site, such as which users to target, what marketing to invest in and more.

I can do a website review on your website, talk you through the findings and provide you with clear and actionable recommendations for ways to improve it. Website reviews include:

  • an analysis of google analytics data
  • a health check of your website, checking for broken links, missing images, broken contact forms and other technical problems
  • recommendations regarding usability and other areas that could affect your site visitors

Content Reviews

At the end of the day, it is the content on your website that keeps your visitors interested and returning to it.

My Content Reviews determine how well your content is working for you and include recommendations on changes that can be done to improve it.

For example:

  • do you have enough content on each of your pages
  • how easy is your content to read
  • are there a lot of searches on your website that are returning no results
  • are the “wrong” google keywords directing traffic to your website
  • are many visitors spending too little time looking at your website and hence not seeing the content you really want them to

My content reviews involve analysing google analytics statistics, performing inspections of your content and testing your site for any technical issues. I also include recommendations around the keywords you might wish to optimise your content for.